What Do You Want Waikoloa Library To Be Like?

Hey Everyone!  Here’s your chance to tell the State planners what YOU would like to see in your Waikoloa Library.

Plans are underway and the designs are being drawn up for our very own library right here in the Village.  You’ll be able to order books, ebooks, and other items from any library in the entire State system and have them sent to our Waikoloa library for you to pick up.  This is great, but what else would you like your library to offer?

The architects designing the library and our State Representative, Cindy Evans, had a meeting recently to let the community know that they are looking for our input on what WE want in our library so they can design a library building to fit our needs.

Here are some ideas people at the meeting shared so far:

•  Have LOTS of computers, maybe even computers you can check out

•  Have a big room for programs for kids

•  Have an outdoor space with shade so people can sit outside

What would YOU like?  What kinds of programs or collections do you want the library to have?

The State will be working on the design for the next 6 months and they want to hear your ideas.

Send them an email at:


Tell them what is on YOUR wish list!

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