Waikoloa Kids’ Activities Wish List

Is there some after-school class that you wish was available in Waikoloa? Is there some kind of club you wish you could join? Is there a sport you would like to participate in that isn’t offered in Waikoloa Village? Is there some special interest you would like to share with other kids your age? Post a comment to this blog to add to the Waikoloa Kids’ Activities Wish List. Who knows, maybe there are other kids who want that too?  Maybe it already exists and you just don’t know about it. Maybe there is someone who might want to help get it started. Sometimes all it takes is an idea to spark action.

5 thoughts on “Waikoloa Kids’ Activities Wish List

  1. Deborah Ingman

    This is such a great idea to engage the kids in activities they are interested in! Looking forward to seeing the follow-up comments and interests.

    1. Marci Manker

      Hi Skylar,

      You’re in luck! There is a brand new Girl Scout troop beginning in Waikoloa Village. It’s a combination Daisy and Brownie troop which means it’s for girls from kindergarten through third grade. A flier will go into this week’s Thursday envelop of girls in this age group. If you would be interested in starting a troop for older girls please contact me at mamanker@girlscouts-hawaii.org. I’d love to talk to you about becoming an adult volunteer and making the Girl Scout experience available to more girls in our neighborhood.

      Marci Manker
      MAPS Coordinator – Hawaii Island
      Girl Scouts of Hawaii

  2. Melissa Newberg

    I would love to see any sort of art class, gymnastics, or music classes in the village.

  3. Sara

    I would love to have a gymnastics class too! Driving to Kona twice a week was just too hard.


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