DAR Essay Contest Grades 5-8

Celebrate America’s History

Are you in 5th through 8th grade?
You’re invited to participate in an Essay Contest

Contest deadline is January 14, 2014

Open to Grades 5–8
Length 300 – 1,000 words (depending on grade level)

Topic for 2013–2014

Pretend you are a boy or a girl during the colonial fight for freedom. Using historical facts, discuss how the war is affecting your life. The war dramatically changed the lives of children during the Revolution. Some actually followed their fathers into battle; others stayed home and assumed new responsibilities that were necessary for their families’ survival. Imagine yourself in the place of such a child taking on important and often adult responsibilities. Describe some of the changes that are taking place in your life and that of your family as you face this new situation. You may portray either a historical child or a fictional child living in the era of the American Revolution.

Title of Essay
“The Lives of Children During the American Revolution”

For information contact:
Hawai’i Loa DAR chapter
Julene Ignacio 808-959-8986    Kristine Harrison 808-883-8060

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